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Alex Smith
Alex Smith  Background: Environmental Science – PG&E

After Alex’s (ESM ’19) first year of studies in USF’s Energy Systems Management program, he was hired as a Project Manager with Gridworks, a nonprofit group whose mandate is to ‘convene, educate and empower stakeholders working to decarbonize electricity grids.’ His studies at ESM allowed Alex to expand his knowledge of energy systems, establish industry connections and develop the necessary skills to succeed in the electricity industry. Recently, he was hired at Alameda Municipal Power as an Energy Resource Analyst to assist with resource planning and acquisition, cost-of-service analysis, rate design, energy usage and demand analyses.


Dainen Bocsary
Dainen Bocsary, Background:  BA in Environmental Studies Water Quality. Works for PGE – Environmental Compliance

Dainen Bocsary, ESM ’19, Candela Renewables, is with a utility scale solar developer focusing on solar and solar plus storage projects in the Lowe 48 states. He started as an intern at Candela during the Fall 2018 semester. After graduating with an MS in ESM in May 2019, he stated working as a project development analyst at Candela. He focuses on project siting, interconnection, acquisition support, market research, and competitive analysis. 


Deniz Sunar
Deniz Sunar


Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith


Javier Palma, Background: Mechanical Engineering & MBA with 13 years of work experience in different engineering fields

Javier Palma, ESM ’19, Staten Solar, a commercial and Industrial solar company based in Milpitas. Javier working as project manager with them for over a year,  and  he has 14 years of professional experience in different engineering fields and 8 as project manager. The ESM program gave him enough understanding of the electric engineering fundamentals that he needed for this position plus the additional understanding of how the grid works and the trend in the policies driving this change.


Jen Chen
Jen Chen, Background: 3 years of work experience with an engineering background in Oil and Gas


Justin Pine
Justin Pine, Background: Environmental Science and Energy Efficiency

Justin Pine, ESM ’19, is working at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) as a utility analyst on the CleanPowerSF team. CleanPowerSF, San Francisco’s renewable energy program operated through the SFPUC, serves over 360,000 customers under the CCA model. While duties vary day to day, Justin primarily focuses on rate analysis and program design as well as manages the program’s key commercial accounts. Prior to CleanPowerSF, Justin spent 4 years implementing energy efficiency programs for PG&E and Arizona Public Service (APS) as well as organized for one of Solar Mosaic’s (Mosaic) first crowd-sourced solar installations in Flagstaff, Arizona. Justin received a master’s degree from the University of San Francisco’s Energy Systems Management program and a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences from Northern Arizona University.


Madeline Brown, Background: 5+ years in the Solar industry

Maddie Brown, ESM ’19, is working at Borrego Solar as a project finance associate. She is currently working on M&A transactions for commercial-scale solar and storage projects. Prior to Borrego, she worked at Tesla as a project manager in new markets and energy deployment. Maddie received a master’s degree in energy systems management from USF, and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and environmental studies from University of Vermont.


Michael Lowell
Michael Lowell

Mike Lowell, ESM ’19, is a Development Engineer at Amber Kinetics, and is currently working on increasing local energy resilience with an emphasis on microgrids and trans-active energy.


Paul Gillie
Paul Gillie


Rawley Loken
Rawley Loken


Sameer Desai
Sameer Desai, Background: Mechanical Engineer with 6 years experience in the Energy Efficiency Industry

Sameer Desai, ESM ’19, is at Enchanted Rock in Houston, TX where they build, own, and operate microgrids using natural gas generators. Their generators are used to provide emergency backup power to their customers and their business model allows them to minimize the upfront capital cost borne by their customers. This happens by financing the project over multiple years and generating revenue through energy and ancillary services to the ERCOT grid. Getting an MS at ESM was instrumental in preparing him for this opportunity. Through the classes at ESM, he learned the value of reliable, flexible quick-response distributed generation systems and how they help improve the overall stability of the electric grid.


Sarvesh Dandekar
Sarvesh Dandekar


Simon Ou
Simon Ou, Background: Finance and DG policy at a gas and electric utility.

Simon Feng Ou, ESM ’19, Senior Market Design Analyst for PG&E.


Unmesh Mali, Background: Electronics and Telecommunications engineer

Unmesh Mali, ESM ’19, recently started working for Sunverge Energy as a Data Analyst and Energy Algorithms Engineer. He is grateful to the ESM program for giving him the opportunity to gain multidisciplinary understanding of the energy industry. Learning from industry veterans like Dr Paul De Martini was a highlight, and it also helped secure him job at Sunverge, where Dr. Martini is one of the advisors. 


Cerelle Richards


Kushali Shaw



Keith Baker


Ibrahim Akil

Ibrahim Akil, ESM ’19, Penumbra Inc.  At Penumbra, Ibrahim is working as an Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) Specialist. His work involves developing sustainability initiatives with internal and external stakeholders to reduce environmental footprints and assisting the Facilities Department in reviewing and implementing energy efficiency projects in the company.


Rajneesh Kaul

Rajneesh Kaul, ESM ’19, is working at the CPUC as a Senior Regulatory Analyst with the Demand Response, Retail Rates team supporting the Commissioners and ALJ (Administrative Law Judges) on regulatory and policy matters for the IOUs in California.