Speaker Series: Jarrod Milshtein – Director of Engineering, Battery Module at Form Energy

Jarrod Milshtein, Director of Engineering at Form Energy, gave ESM students and faculty a talk on the company’s innovative approach to energy storage applications. Jarrod heads up the battery module division at Form Energy,  an energy storage technology and manufacturing company pioneering a long-duration battery system that is cost competitive with legacy power plants. 

Jarrod gave an overview of his educational background and career trajectory, followed by a synopsis of the Form Energy’s beginnings, its mission, and business model in context of the challenges faced by the modern electrical grid and climate change. 

Form Energy’s commercial offering is a development on decades old Iron-Air chemistry that promises 100+ hours of energy storage with greater flexibility in cost, safety, scalability and enhanced durability than existing lithium-ion battery technology. Jarrod gave a product overview of the modular multi-day storage technology and the various teams working on the components of the overall system, concluding with a mention of some early adopters in the electrical Utility customer space. 

The webinar ended with a Q&A session with the audience, wherein the speaker answered questions about product compatibility with existing power generation, technological metrics and cost baselines, the long-term value of energy storage, and opportunities for storage companies in the energy marketplace. 

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