Speaker Series: Rawley Loken – Energy & Environmental Economics (E3)

Rawley Loken, an alumni of the ESM class of 2019 and currently a Managing Consultant at Energy and Environmental Economics (E3) in their New York City office, gave a talk on Decarbonizing Pathways in the New York Scoping Plan.  

At E3, Rawley works in the climate pathways and electrification practice areas. The focus of his presentation was the Integration Analysis (outlining costs and benefits), wherein E3 modeled economy-wide decarbonization pathways for New York. The state has a greenhouse gas (GHG) goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Rawley gave an overview of how E3 built out the analytical model to figure out emissions, the key findings obtained from his team’s research to help New York reach net zero by mid-century, and recommendations on the next steps required to ensure the goals are met. After the presentation, Rawley took questions from the audience about GHG accounting, decarbonization of industries, and the differences in energy needs of California and New York. He also spoke about how the ESM program put him on the path to his current position at E3, and the courses which were instrumental in helping develop his skills for day to day work.

Previously, Rawley held positions as an alumni teaching assistant for undergraduates in the Environmental Science program at Santa Clara University, and project and data analytics roles at the Tanko Lighting Inc in San Francisco. Rawley received a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science from Santa Clara University, and a Master’s in Energy Systems Management as a graduate of the very first cohort of the program.. Rawely was the valedictorian of the class of 2019, and also received an outstanding TA award. 

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