The Atlantic | The Climate Economy Is About to Explode

This article in The Atlantic captures the significance recent climate change legislation in the U.S. will have on job opportunities in the clean energy industry. The ESM Program at USF is proud of all our alumni working in this field and are excited to be educating the next generation of climate leaders.

The Climate Economy Is About To Explode: A new report suggests that the Inflation Reduction Act could be even bigger than Congress thinks. Read the Article Here

“Analysts at the investment bank Credit Suisse published a research note [that] argued…The IRA will have a profound effect across industries… and could ultimately shape the direction of the American economy…”

“The number of Americans working in a climate-relevant industry is going to explode. It is going to undergo what you might call a techification….when the valence of the [technology] industry the default career track for many ambitious college students. A similar switch is coming for companies working on climate change: The opportunity will be too large, the money too persuasive, the problems too intriguing.”

“…Managing climate change is.. going to require as many attentive and enthusiastic brains as possible, and the path to decarbonizing always required an infusion of new workers, investment, and good will. If you don’t yet work in the industry, but have always cared about climate change as an issue, well, this is your moment to get involved. These companies are going to need engineers, yes, but also programmers, accountants, marketers, HR staff, general counsels—there is space for everyone now.

“The fight against climate change is going to change more in the next four years than it has in the past 40. The great story of our lives is just beginning. Welcome aboard.”

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