Building Decarbonization: Accelerating the Energy Transition in California

Building Decarbonization: Accelerating the Energy Transition in California was held on September 25th 2020. The panelists included Ben Clarin (Electric Power Research Institute – EPRI), Brian Barnacle (Building Decarbonization Coalition) and Brady Seals (Rocky Mountain Institute – RMI). The event was moderated by Mary Biswal – Energy Systems Management Class of 2020.

The recording of the panel session can be accessed here.

Read more about the panelists:

Ben Clarin – Electric Power Research Institute
Ben is a senior project manager and works at the intersection of technology, market, and policy to solve problems in building and community decarbonization. He has several years of experience in applied research demonstration and deployment projects in the field of smart energy communities.

Brian Barnacle – Building Decarbonization Coalition
Brian leads market development activities working closely with subject matter experts to develop strategy, design campaigns, and fundraising. Prior to working with the Coalition, Brian worked at clean energy policy and market transformation consulting company where he directed new product development and national expansion initiatives.

Brady Seals Rocky Mountain Institute
Ms. Seals is a senior associate in Rocky Mountain Institute’s Building Electrification program where she works at the junction of air quality, buildings, and human health. Her most recent publication is on the health effects of gas stoves. Prior to this role, she spent 11 years working to accelerate the transition of cooking with solid fuels to clean cookstoves in over 16 countries.

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