Future of the EV Market in the United States

“Future of the Electric Vehicle Market in the US”, was held on July 31, 2020 at 1:30p.m. PDT. The event was moderated by Energy Systems Management second year student Maaz Haider. The three panelists for the speaker series session included:

  • Francesca Wahl | Charging Policy Manager, Business Development and Public Policy Team, Tesla
  • Obrie Hostetter | Head of Partnerships, Stable Auto
  • Peter Glenn | Co-Founder, EV Life

The recording for the session can be accessed here.

Read more about each panelist below.

Francesca Wahl | Charging Policy Manager, Business Development and Public Policy Team, Tesla

As part of the business development and public policy team at Tesla, Francesca Wahl focuses on managing regulatory policy engagement on transportation electrification in California and electric vehicle charging infrastructure issues with key agencies, utilities, and cities across the country. Previously, she was the Senior Associate for Energy and Environmental Policy at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, a public policy trade association representing more than 390 companies in Silicon Valley. Francesca has also worked on federal energy efficiency policy at the Alliance to Save Energy in DC, analyzed state recycling regulation and legislation, assisted governments and small businesses with implementing sustainability principles in their management plans, and served in the White House Liaison Office at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Francesca has a B.A. in Economics and Foreign Affairs with Distinction from the University of Virginia.

Obrie Hostetter | Head of Partnerships, Stable Auto

Obrie Hostetter is Head of Partnerships at Stable AutoWith a decade of EV industry experience, Obrie has created user-centered home and public charging programs and managed the building and operations of the EVgo Northern California network of DC fast charging stations. Her experience includes: Auto OEM charging programs, wide-scale EV infrastructure rollouts, microgrid go-to-market planning and government affairs. She has a deep understanding of both the electric vehicle (EV) and power generation industries and is passionate about bringing disruptive products to market. Obrie has worked for a variety of private and public organizations including: NRG Energy, Faraday Future and CPUC. Obrie holds an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School and was an NRG Presidential Fellow.

Peter Glenn | Co-Founder, EV Life

Peter Glenn is the Co-Founder of EV Life, a web platform to make it easier to find and finance an electric car than a gas vehicle. Having worked at the cross-section of technology and sustainability for 16 years and earned his MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School. Peter has co-founded two startups and played leadership roles at Glassdoor, Singularity University, and Fenix International (acquired by Engie). At Fenix, he developed partnerships with telecoms Vodafone, MTN, and Orange that deliver solar power to over 3 million people living off-grid in Africa today.

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