ESM – First Class Graduates


The first cohort of students in the Energy Systems Management program graduated in May 2019. There was a fantastic event where the graduating students presented their final projects, including papers on carbon capture and storage, microgrids for resilience, FERC Order No. 841, vehicle-to-grid technology, and electric vehicle adoption. Other students presented integrated resource plans for PacifiCorp, Arizona Public Service, and Public Service of Colorado and other places. All the presentations can be seen HERE. Families came from around the country and around the world to celebrate with their students. The weekend of celebrations was capped off with a BBQ at the director’s, Professor Maggie Winslow, house. With the impacts from climate change growing more obvious each month, it is important to change the way energy is produced and used. ESM students have been educated in how to achieve a low carbon grid and low carbon economy and are working to support the transition away from fossil fuels. Renewable energy jobs are some of the fastest growing in the nation. If you would like to benefit from a degree in renewable energy, please contact ESM on the website. Or share this blog with someone else!

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