Ohm’s Law Meets Moore’s Law – what in the world does the digitalization of energy mean? – Shuli Goodman

Shuli Goodman, Founder & Executive Director of LF Energy.jpg

On April 1st at 6pm, the USF ENERGY hosted Shuli Goodman at our Speaker Series, with Stephen Lodigiani, ESM class of ’20 as the moderator. The event was at the USF downtown campus, 101 Howard St @ Beale. The event was free.

Shuli Goodman is the founder and Executive Director of LF Energy, a Linux Foundation project that supports open source innovation in the energy and electricity sectors. LF Energy’s ambition is to accelerate the energy transition and the decarbonization of the world’s economies. She has nearly three decades experience in the startup and ongoing support of governance and multi-stakeholder engagement bodies that have been convened to enable decision-making and provide steering capacity for high-visibility and/or high-risk initiatives. Her goal is to inspire, train, and enable 10,000 developers, in the next 10 years, to digitally transform the world’s power systems.

Linux Foundation Energy (LFE) is an open source initiative, focused on the power systems’ sector, overseen and hosted at The Linux Foundation. LFE provides a neutral, collaborative environment to build the digital foundations that enable the “electrification of everything to scale” to transform the world’s relationship to energy. The digitalization of power systems enables a renewable and distributed energy future where wind, solar, batteries, and hydro provide the electrification capacity that enables humanity to address climate change, the transition to fossil-free transportation, and the urbanization of world populations.

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