Internship Perspective: Madeline Brown – Borrego Solar

Madeline Brown
I didn’t know what possible next step I could take after working at Tesla. I also didn’t know what doors USF could open for me. It was a bit of not knowing what I didn’t know, which was exciting and intimidating at the same time. Half the reason I joined the MS Energy Management program was to network with top executives and directors in the energy industry, and I knew that I had to capitalize on all of those interactions. What I didn’t realize, though, was just how powerful those connections could be.
I’m now a month into a new project finance role at Borrego Solar after making the tough decision to leave Tesla. In some ways though, it was an easy transition, since my teammate gave a guest lecture in my Energy Economics and Finance course last fall. Through that lecture and course, I gained exposure to project finance and was able to pivot into this type of work. I like to think that my years of solar experience landed me the job, but having the connection and classwork got me that first look. For years, I begrudgingly tried to network for the sake of networking. Now, I’ve seen the power networking has in creating career opportunities.
One of the greatest assets of the MS Energy Management program is the vast network of professionals that come for lectures, are on the advisory board, or are friends/past students of professors. I’m not the only one in my cohort who has been offered a new role through a connection made at USF, which speaks so highly to the immediate success of the program. The network will only continue to grow as students graduate from the program, and I’m excited to be a part of that community.

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