Internship Experience: Alex Smith – Gridworks

After completing my first year in USF’s Energy Systems Management program, I accepted an internship with Gridworks, a non-profit group whose mandate is to “convene, educate and empower stakeholders working to decarbonize electricity grids”. I was hired as a Project Manager and Research Intern to help assist the company on a variety of energy related projects.

I have been fortunate to work and collaborate with a variety of energy related stakeholders from DER providers, industry associations, researchers and utility personnel since beginning with Gridworks. The company prizes itself as a problem-solving entity; its role on several projects is to ensure that regulatory bodies are aware of competing stakeholder interests to make informed policy decisions.

The Company has been awarded several new projects that will offer an opportunity for me to further expand my knowledge of energy systems and decarbonization of the grid, and to development relevant skills, most notably research and report writing. I am excited to be part of research projects on decarbonizing buildings and developing a road map for future DER initiatives in California. These new projects are collaborations between academic institutions, environmental groups, state departments  as well as industry associations to name a few. I look forward to expanding my role within the Company on these new initiatives.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith is a current second year student pursuing his Masters in Energy Systems Management at USF.

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